We are working our best to maintain our sustainable operations and save the environment by implementing many projects. In order to utilize clean energy, we have placed a tremendous solar power system which we use to supply energy for our production processes in the first place. The panels exceed the 5000 square meters and allow us to excess solar energy for electricity during daytime. This investment in clean energy is a proof of our concern about the environment, and we strive to make sure that our activity bring less harm to nature.


Moreover, we have committed more than 4000 meters square on our lot to the planting of trees. This local garden is not only a green space for all of us, but it also helps to freshen up the air and CO2 absorption.

RECYCLING and PIR-PCR materials in Production

We have introduced recycling and proper waste management systems that are fully robust to avoid a huge amount of plastic litter that will end up in landfills. Our manufacturing processes feature advanced recycling units with the aim of achieving zero waste. In addition, we always suggest our customers to use Post-Industrial Recycled (PIR) and Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic resins when appropriate. Through our continuous use of the recycled materials in our flexible packaging , we decrease the expenditure of virgin plastics use. The variety of our measures will illustrate our company’s desire to apply environmentally friendly policies across the all business segments.


We aim to be a Flexible Pakaging Solutions dedicated in increasing recyclability of our flexible packaging materials. As a result, we are offering mono-material product range. This reduces the complexity of recycling as the procedure of waste collect – sort – and recycle will be much more convenient and effective. This, however, does not prevent the technical performance of our bags from being qualified as all the products are subjected to proper testing and meet all quality standards. If you want to find the best options that are specifically designed for your requirements, do not hesitate to contact us.