With the most advanced technology equipments available, we are capable of manufacturing as following:

  • Several Rotogravure Presses with up to 10 Colors.
  • Solventless and extrusion lamination, for Soft films and Fabric (PP Woven, Non-Woven Fabric, RPET Fabric, etc.) with no residual VOC released to the Air.
  • Modern slitters and pouch conversion machines with several types of available pouch formats in the market.

Color & Quality Management

  • With our rotogravure presses, which are capable of printing up to ten colors, spot matte, soft touch, haptic varnish, large-size webs, and repeating length, we can diversify your solutions.
  • Color consistency is ensured by the auto-dispenser and ink formulation.
  • Inspection machines with automatic defect detector cameras are used to detect and remove major defects left in the printed film before further conversion.
  • We have a variety of laboratory testers based on ASTM standards and a well-trained lab team to ensure the consistency of our products’ quality.

Wide range of add-in features
and options

We have the capability to produce a wide range of products with various materials, bag forms, and additional special features for different market segments.

Design consulting service

Starting with the customer’s products and demand, we will develop, design materials, and perform value-added functions that provide the most appropriate packaging solutions.